Babcock to partner with companies to develop improved VR training system

[ad_1] Babcock International Group has announced plans to work with other companies and small-medium enterprises in the development of new driver training systems. The company said it wanted to provide experience in new environments and situations, as well as refresher training at lower cost. Babcock confirmed it would “invest in a research and development project to support … Read more

AI-operated fighter jet will fly Air Force secretary on test run

[ad_1] The Air Force is betting a large part of its future air warfare on a fleet more than 1,000 autonomously operated drones, and later this spring its top civilian leader plans to climb into one of those artificial intelligence-operated warplanes and let it take him airborne. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall told senators on … Read more

F-16s arrive at Eglin to be modified with self-flying tech

[ad_1] The first three F-16 Fighting Falcons that will be loaded with self-flying technology have arrived at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, the Air Force said Tuesday. The arrival of the F-16s marks the service’s biggest step forward yet in standing up the program known as Venom, which stands for Viper Experimentation and Next-gen … Read more

The robots are coming: US Army experiments with human-machine warfare

[ad_1] FORT IRWIN, Calif. — Looking like a toy helicopter, a small black drone rose up over a cluster of adobe buildings in a quiet desert village, emitting a faint buzz. The drone, an Anduril Industries’ Ghost-X, paused and then rose higher, disappearing into the clouds. Another followed. Seemingly small and unthreatening, the drones were … Read more

Indian Army: Army raises elite unit to work on critical technologies having military applications

[ad_1] The Indian Army has raised an elite unit that will undertake research and evaluation of futuristic communication technologies like 6G, artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing for military use in view of the changing nature of the field. The Signals Technology Evaluation and Adaptation Group or STEAG is mandated to nurture technologies spanning … Read more