How companies plan to ramp up production of Patriot missiles

[ad_1] Amid a significant use of missiles in Ukraine and the Middle East, customers are ramping up independent production of some of the weapons the Patriot air defense system can launch at an unprecedented scale. The United States, where Patriot manufacturer RTX is based, is trying to contend with the rapid use of Patriot Advanced … Read more

There is more to NATO burden sharing than the 2% spending dogma

[ad_1] As the NATO alliance prepares to gather this summer to celebrate its 75th birthday, rhetoric around “burden sharing” – specifically whether member countries are paying enough, where “enough” is typically defined as military spending equal to 2% of GDP – is likely to heat up. With a war raging just off NATO’s eastern flank … Read more

Rheinmetall to supply 20 more Marder IFVs to Ukraine

[ad_1] Rheinmetall will deliver an additional 20 Marder IFVs to Ukraine under an order recently placed by the German government with deliveries expected to take place this year. The value of the deal has been reported by the company as being “in the mid double-digit-million-euro range” and that it has “already handed over a three-digit number of … Read more

Rheinmetall to equip 22 German howitzers with parts in resupply order

[ad_1] COLOGNE, Germany — German defense company Rheinmetall won a contract to supply parts for 22 new Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers, part of a plan by the government to replenish weapon stocks previously donated to Ukraine. Worth €135 million (U.S. $145 million), the deal was awarded by KNDS Germany, the armed force’s general contractor for the … Read more

Germany overhauls military command in quest for ‘war-capable’ force

[ad_1] BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s defense minister on Thursday announced a plan to streamline and reorganize the country’s military command as part of efforts to make the armed forces of NATO’s most populous European member “war-capable.” Chancellor Olaf Scholz set in motion a big increase in military spending shortly after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in early … Read more

Hensoldt completes takeover of German defense electronics firm ESG

[ad_1] COLOGNE, Germany — German sensor-maker Hensoldt has completed its purchase of defense electronics and logistics specialist ESG, gaining a foothold in that company’s activities supporting the F-35 fighter jet and P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine plane ordered by Berlin. The takeover, announced last year as valued at €675 million (U.S. $726 million), took effect April 2 … Read more

With more NATO allies, will the US store arms in Europe’s High North?

[ad_1] HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The U.S. Army is considering pre-positioning stock in Europe’s High North amid Finland and Sweden officially joining NATO, according to the deputy chief of Army Materiel Command. “We’ve incorporated two new NATO allies. So what does that mean for the High North in particular, and is there an expansion on the … Read more

Eurodrone program bags fresh round of EU subsidies

[ad_1] MILAN — The European Commission is poised to jolt the Eurodrone program by injecting a second round of funding into the project to allow for the development of new capabilities. On March 15, the European Commission, responsible for promoting cooperation and facilitating the integration of defense capabilities between EU member-states, published its 2024 call … Read more

Czech-led bulk ammunition buy for Ukraine picks up steam

[ad_1] MILAN – A proposed Czech-led bulk artillery ammunition purchase for Ukraine is picking up steam, as countries commit to bank-rolling the effort while sourcing shells from non-European vendors. Czech President Petr Pavel said in February that Prague had identified 500,000 155mm artillery shells and 300,000 122mm rounds outside the European Union that could be … Read more

France, Germany divvy up workload for next-generation tank

[ad_1] BERLIN — The industries of Germany and France will have an equal share of work in developing and producing a future tank, the countries’ defense ministers announced March 22. The agreement for the Main Ground Combat System, to be formalized in late April as a memorandum of understanding, caps years of wrangling over national … Read more