US troop numbers in Eastern Europe could continue to grow

[ad_1] The number of U.S. and NATO troops stationed in Eastern Europe could increase in coming years as Russian threats continue to grow, but American military officials aren’t yet pushing to add more permanent bases in the region as part of a larger military footprint. Roughly 100,000 U.S. servicemembers are stationed throughout Europe today, including … Read more

There is more to NATO burden sharing than the 2% spending dogma

[ad_1] As the NATO alliance prepares to gather this summer to celebrate its 75th birthday, rhetoric around “burden sharing” – specifically whether member countries are paying enough, where “enough” is typically defined as military spending equal to 2% of GDP – is likely to heat up. With a war raging just off NATO’s eastern flank … Read more

German military introduces central command and new cyber branch

[ad_1] The German minister of defence Boris Pistorius has announced a comprehensive reform for the German Armed forces on NATO’s 75th anniversary. The military reforms includes the setting up of a new central command, which will combine the previously separate structures for domestic and foreign deployments to operate under a newly established joint command. Speaking … Read more

Norway’s Long-Term Defense Plan features sharp increase in spending

[ad_1] Norway’s center-left government is set to present the Storting (national parliament) with what Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre described as the most “ambitious and far reaching” Long-Term Defense Plan (LTDP) in the country’s history. The Labor-led government’s broad-ranging LTDP, announced at a news conference in Oslo on April 5, proposes a record-breaking increase in … Read more

Germany overhauls military command in quest for ‘war-capable’ force

[ad_1] BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s defense minister on Thursday announced a plan to streamline and reorganize the country’s military command as part of efforts to make the armed forces of NATO’s most populous European member “war-capable.” Chancellor Olaf Scholz set in motion a big increase in military spending shortly after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in early … Read more

With more NATO allies, will the US store arms in Europe’s High North?

[ad_1] HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The U.S. Army is considering pre-positioning stock in Europe’s High North amid Finland and Sweden officially joining NATO, according to the deputy chief of Army Materiel Command. “We’ve incorporated two new NATO allies. So what does that mean for the High North in particular, and is there an expansion on the … Read more

Putin threatens striking Western air bases hosting Ukrainian F-16s

[ad_1] KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin scoffed at the possibility of his country launching an attack on a NATO member, calling it “sheer nonsense,” but warned that any Western air base hosting U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets that are slated for deployment in Ukraine would be a “legitimate target” for the Kremlin’s forces. … Read more

Nordic nations ponder military changes with NATO in mind

[ad_1] LONDON — With all Nordic countries now part of NATO, the nations must manage how to reconcile and integrate national as well as regional security needs and initiatives with what the alliance requires, which could necessitate changes to existing command structures, officials have said. In March 2023, the commanders of the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish … Read more

Finland to host NATO tech centers, revamp cybersecurity strategy

[ad_1] HELSINKI — One of NATO’s newest members plans to build and jointly operate two research centers and an accelerator facility for the alliance as part of a program dubbed DIANA. The move comes as Finland also seeks to ramp up its defense strategy and capacity to deal with escalating cyberthreats. The NATO research centers, … Read more

With pause in US aid, Ukraine’s allies rally to ponder what’s next

[ad_1] RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, GERMANY — Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin traveled this week to the home of his signature achievement. The Ukraine Defense Contact Group — a network of more than 50 countries that support Kyiv — has met 20 times since Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. In that time, it’s marshaled $44 … Read more